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Dear Members,

A big THANK YOU to all the MASBA and SWEA members with their guests, who took the time to join us for this special occasion to visit the offices of Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore & Philippines. Almost 30 persons were eager to learn how Tetra Pak, through more than 60 years existence, became the world's leading company for food processing and packaging solutions.

Mr. Gaine Clarke, Managing Director, elegantly guided us through the history and core values of Tetra Pak. We learned how Tetra Pak works closely with customers and suppliers to every day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people is providing safe, innovative and environmentally sound products. In Malaysia, Tetra Pak is working together with two recycling partners to recycle beverage cartons.

Tetra Pak aseptic processes allow the liquid food to keep colour, natural taste, texture and nutritional value for up to 12 months without the need for preservation or refrigeration. The combination of this special processing and packaging, reduces waste and makes distribution extremely cost-efficient around the globe.

We were all also very impressed when listening to how Tetra Pak, in line with their commitment to its motto 'PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD', in 2006 developed 'Feed-A-Child (FAC) Programme' as the company’s primary channel for raising funds to help underprivileged children.

A big THANK YOU to Mr. Gaine Clark and the staff for their efforts to make sure that Tetra Pak continuous to be a company to be proud of. And, of course also for inviting MASBA for this very informative evening and a delicious buffet from Puzzini Swedish Pizza!

MASBA Secretariat






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